How to get over the end of your book relationship

book relationship

When your book relationship ends, it’s hard.  I mope, and flick through TV channels.  I’ll just wander aimlessly on the internet, stand in front of the fridge, staring aimlessly.   I try hanging out at new places, like a different library or book story. I’ll show a little interest in something new, but it just doesn’t stick.  … When you finish a book you love, it’s so hard to get emotionally involved again.  

book relationship

You didn’t want it to end.  No, you want to stay in the cozy world of just the two of you. Stay with the characters, world, plot, action that have become part of you.  However, it’s just not meant to be for you two.  The author ends the story.  Maybe you feel good about the ending.  Maybe you feel terrible.  Either way, it’s over and you have to move on.  

So, what do you do when you are in the “book dumped” blues?

These are my top tips for getting out of the shadow of that story and entering into something new.

6 Tips for getting over your book relationship 

  1. Talk to your friends about it – connect with other people who have gone through the same book break-up.  Double points if someone recommended the book to you, and is the reason for this pain.  Totally blame them.  They’ll should at least buy you a drink.
  2. Take a break  – it’s time for you to just be you. Instead of staying in again, looking for someone new to cozy up with, go out dance with your friends.  Take your neglected dog to the park.
  3. Rebound book –  pick something out of your typical genre.  You don’t want anything that reminds you of that other story, so try something totally new and unexpected.  Maybe non-fiction? Maybe a biography?  Short stories?  Poetry?  If you typically read fantasy then try a historical fiction book.
  4. Stay off author’s social media – stop stalking the author for their next book.  It’ll be ready when it’s ready.  You obsessing over their Facebook page isn’t getting the new story written any quicker.
  5. Don’t be afraid to start again, when you are ready – There are plenty of stories out there.  A funny, exotic, intelligent, story that was written just for you.
  6. Remember it’s about the journey – there will be highs and lows.  Tears and laughter.  And you’ll love every minute of it. So, don’t be afraid to give your heart away again.

Keep on reading.  You’ll find another story to love again, and this pain is worth the ‘book love’ high.


  1. How do you deal with being ‘book dumped?’
  2. What book has hurt you the most when it was over?
  3. Does a wrapped-up conclusion make the break-up better or worse?

*image from Nicolas Raymond

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