4 must have things to be a book blogger – I fail at all of them

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During one of my first weeks as a book blogger, I joined the #bbtc chat hosted by Brittany at Book Rambles.  She asked “when did you first feel like a book blogger?”  At the time, I responded that I didn’t feel like a book blogger yet.  

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Well, the darn lovely book community of course responded your first book post makes you a book blogger. I heard that advice, but didn’t really take it to heart, you know?

I’m nearing up on my third month as a blogger, and I have 38 posts on my site.  And  you know what? I still don’t feel like a book blogger.  I still feel like one big pretending faker;  like the fruit plate on the chocolate dessert buffet.

There are so many wonderful sites out there that I really admire.  For example Unbound Pages, Beth Fish Reads, The YA Book Traveler, and Paper Fury.  I read their content and just thing, darn, these ladies have their book stuff down!

see kate read twitter

So, in an effort of full disclosure. I’d like to share…

4 must have things to be a book blogger

(I don’t have / do any of these things)

  1. A To Be Read (TBR) list – I figured I’d start this list off by just yanking off the bandaid.  That’s right. I do not have a TBR list.  What’s more, I didn’t know what TBR was when I first saw people mentioning it on their sites.  I usually only pick one book at a time, and then look for something new.  I do not keep a list of any sort for what’s next, and I do not buy multiple books at a time.
  2. Bookstagram – I have mentioned this on posts before. I am really interested in the concept of ‘bookstagram’ for those who don’t know (like me) I think Bookstagram is a tag on instagram where people post book related photos. You often see “challenges” relating to this going around where people pick a theme to post.
  3. Strong opinions on print v. digital books  – I really do not care if I read a book in digital or print format.  I just don’t, and I’ve got nothing for you in this debate.
  4. Quick answers to ‘favorite’ questions – I really love Twitter chats. We are people who want to talk about books, right? Of course Twitter chats are awesome.  However, I feel like a tongue-tied idiot all the time.  The moderator will ask a great question like “what’s your favorite literary childhood friendship?” Well, it’s like I’ve never read a single book in my life.  It’ll take me about 3 days to come up with a good responses.

There are a million other things I can think of that I am failing at to be a good blogger.  For example: I’m not on Bloglovin, I’m not in a book club, I don’t write my own stories, I haven’t done any tag posts, I don’t write negative reviews, I have never left a review on Amazon, I’m not connected to anyone on Goodreads, I don’t read in one specific genre….. Wow, it feels good to confess all these things.

So, I don’t know. Am I a book blogger? Am I a blogger? Does it matter?


I always finish a post with some questions. Things I’d really love to hear your thoughts and opinions about.  This list of questions is particularly important to me because I really need the answers.  I feel silly not knowing these things.

  1. What is a book haul?  Often, people tweet #haul – what does this mean?
  2. There are so many Twitter chats – and I love them – but I have no idea what the #s mean. How do you figure this out?
  3. How is it so many of you have read the same books? I always feel like I’ve come to the party unprepared and everyone else knew what they were supposed to do before hand.

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  1. Don’t worry about it, Kate. You’re blogging, you’re reading, you’re sharing your thoughts about books. That’s really all you need to do. But to answer some of your questions…

    1. “Book haul” just means a load of books that your purchased or in my case picked up from the library.
    2. I am terrible with #s too. I usually tag my tweets with #bookblogger or #kidlit, #yalit, #mglit for non-adult books. And I watch what others are doing. I never search by #s, so I don’t know what people are looking for. #amreading is a good one too if you’re posting an update on what you’re reading right then.
    3. There are a lot of book bloggers who love YA fantasy, so I often feel out of the loop on those reads as well. It’s more important to read what you love and find people who like the same books as you. I read a mix of YA and Adult books, and I belong to the SheReads.org blog network with other people who blog more about adult books than YA. Just keep hunting, you’ll find your people and many who want to read what you’re writing.

    1. Thank you so much for answering the “book haul” question. That has REALLY been bugging me. I was afraid it was some sort of specific grouping of books that I just didn’t get. Also, thanks for the vote of confidence and recommendation of shereads.org, I’ll check it out!

  2. Of course you’re a book blogger! I’ve only had a few mini-book hauls (bought books, won a book etc) but there are people who get 5 books every week from publishers directly. I guess the word was invented for them;-). I suck at Twitter big time and forget the hashtags most of the time so can’t help with that. I’m also guilty of not thanking people for retweets (I know it’s courtesy) but I’d have write the names down first and there’s the problem. As for how everyone reads the same.. it’s just like a trend in clothing fashing, someone starts and they write a raving review, someone else a second one and suddenly everyone is reading the book.

    1. You are so right! I know this is silly, but I never thought of books/reading as something that could be trendy, but it makes so much sense! Of course, we all know about best seller list, airport reads, and Oprah’s book club, etc, but for some reason I didn’t get that. I feel so silly, d’uh!

  3. I don’t think you need to worry about it. I have been blogging about books for 13 years and the only thing on your must have list that I have is a tbr list and I had that going long before I began blogging about books! Other than blogging about books there are no requirements to being a “real” book blogger 🙂

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