Halloween in Jersey City vs Halloween in London

jersey city halloween

Jersey City is getting ready for Halloween in a big way. It’ll be my first Halloween in Jersey City, and actually, my first Halloween in the US for several year.  I spent the last several Halloween’s in London.  So, I am not sure what to expect.  Will it be crazy busy with kids?  Will we have no trick or treaters because we are in an apartment complex?

To be honest, I’m already surprised to see so many decorations everywhere.

jersey city halloween

Halloween in London

For the last two years, I was living in London during Halloween.  Halloween in London was strange for me.  There were certainly some decorations, and you saw a couple of jack-o-lanterns, but really it was not a big deal.  I didn’t see one kid dressed in costume. My husband said as a kid he never trick or treated, nor did people decorate.  

In my experience, a few houses put a pumpkin out.  I think there was some sort of custom that if there was a pumpkin in the window, kids could trick or treat there.  Although, I never saw that happen in practice.  I didn’t see a single trick or treater. There wasn’t even much Halloween candy in the supermarkets. 

london halloween

Although, I found this all really odd. British people love is ‘fancy dress’ – wearing costumes – for all kinds of silly occasions. It was just as normal to see teenagers dressed up as dinosaurs, bananas, or the Hulk as dressed in jeans and a t-shirt. So, I found it interesting that Halloween wasn’t as big of a deal as it was in the US. Seems like they’d jump on any opportunity to wear a costume.  

There were still parties at pubs and adults did wear costumes, but it didn’t feel like as much of a ‘children’s’ holiday as it does here in the US.  I saw far more adults in costumes, and at parties, than kids.  My husband says it may be different in suburbs in the UK, but in London, we never saw a single kid trick or treating.

As a kid, I loved dressing up as my favorite character.  I was never into trick or treating, but I loved playing dress up.  I think this is something British kids are really missing out on. 

Halloween in Jersey City

So, I’m interested in seeing what happens here in Jersey City.  Will we be overrun with kids, or will it be a quiet adults oriented holiday? Have things changed at all while I was gone?


  1. Do you get lots of trick or treaters?
  2. Will you dress up? Have you figured out your costume yet?
  3. Do you like Halloween?

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