Any Witch Way You Can book review

corn maze entrance

In the spirit of holiday reading, I’d like to share another Halloween themed book.  Again, this is not a ‘scary’ Halloween book, but it is about witches, so that counts for the theme.  

I know I’ve said it before, but I love theme reading. I always like holiday associated books around whatever season.  Heck, I love getting totally absorbed in a holiday.  When I was in high school and college I worked at a Bath and Body Works store in the mall.  I loved that job because of how seasonal everything was all the time.

Now, I still love throwing myself into the seasons with reading, baking, and activities.  I do not do nearly the decorating I would like, but maybe some day I’ll get my act together more. Probably not, but we all need goals, right?

corn maze entrance
Photo by Lulu Hoeller

Any Witch Way You Can book review

This Sunday, I want to share with you the book Any Witch Way You Can by Amanda M. Lee.  Now, I’d like to share that I was skeptical of this book to begin.  I don’t mind fantasy stories, but this story centers around more Wicca style witches.  To each their own, but I like my witches with a side of ridiculous impossibility. So, I entered with a bit of trepidation.

However, I was wrong to be hesitant about this book.  It is written very much in the cozy mystery style.  It has cute, relatable characters, humors characters.  The story is a neatly wrapped up mystery.  And there are many threads that allow for great character building.

This is a series by Amanda M. Lee called Wicked Witches of the Midwest Book and all of the characters take turns having their own crisis.  Any Witch Way You Can centers on Bay Winchester, the local reporter, who finds a body in a corn maze.  Oh, and by the way, she can see and talk to ghosts.  With her nose for news, witchy heritage, and special abilities she finds herself stuck right in the middle of the mystery.  Coming to her assistance are her two cousins, great aunt, two aunts, and mother who all make up the Winchester witches.  With all that estrogen, hilarity, tears, and drama ensue.

These are great characters, and wonderful mystery stories.  I highly recommend for an easy and quick ‘witchy’ holiday read.


  1. Do you look your genres to blend?
  2. Do you holiday read?
  3. Have you been to a corn maze this year?

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