Hiding from trick-or-treaters

small town house

The other day I posted about what Halloween was like in London.  Thinking about that reminded me of the first Halloween my husband spent in the US.

At the time, we lived in a little suburban town just outside of Princeton, NJ.  We had the most adorable perfectly ‘American’ house. It was built in the 1800s, had original flooring, we were one block from main street. Honestly, so cute.

small town house
This was not our house, but just down the street

The town was very community oriented, so we knew there would be plenty of kids.  Weeks in advance, I had bought hundred of pieces of candy.  I really thought we were over-prepared.  I had even hid a bit of candy, you know the good stuff, so the kids and my husband didn’t get it all.

Well, the best laid Halloween plans…

See, the thing we didn’t plan for was the haunted house set up by the fire station the next block over.  It was a magnet for kids from everywhere, and we were inundated.  I’m talking thousands of children.  The haunted house, and accompanying Halloween party, was the go-to place all across the county.  Of course, this lead to my house being the center of all Halloween in the county as well.

My husband went for a run, was probably gone for 45 minutes, and during that time we were down 75% of the hundreds of pieces of candy I’d bought.  I left my husband in charge to give out the rest of the candy we had, and hopped in the car to head to our local super market.  However, there was no candy left.  Tried the drug stores.  Nothing.  Tried the convenience store.  Nope.

By this time, my husband had called me about 9 times. Freaking out that we’d run out of candy.  That he poured himself a glass of wine and was on the floor in the kitchen, but that kids were pounding on the door saying “I can see you!”  I told him I couldn’t find any candy at any of the stores, but told him to turn off all the lights and I’d come and get him.

I parked a block over, my husband snuck out the back door, under the cover of dark and we drove off.  We hid at Panera for 3 hours until about 9:30 when we finally figured it was safe to go home.

My husband is so scared from his first US Halloween. I can’t wait to see his terror this year 🙂


  1. Have you ever run out of candy?
  2. Do you like or hate Halloween?
  3. How do you like to celebrate Halloween?

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  1. OMG. That story is hilarious! I love Halloween – especially handing out candy. I love to see all the kids in costume, especially the homemade ones. We have never run out of candy thankfully. Kids can get a little crazy though. I hope you have better luck this year.

  2. Oh, that’s so hilarious and awful at the same time! We actually ran out of candy this year; my mom had to go and get more halfway through. I can’t believe kids did that though. In my neighborhood, people always respect the fact that you don’t have candy if your light isn’t on!

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