Hiding from trick-or-treaters

small town house

The other day I posted about what Halloween was like in London.  Thinking about that reminded me of the first Halloween my husband spent in the US. At the time, we lived in a little suburban town just outside of Princeton, NJ.  We had the most adorable perfectly ‘American’ house. It was built in the 1800s, had original flooring, we were one block from main street. Honestly, so cute. The town was very community oriented, so we knew there would be plenty of kids.  Weeks in advance, I had bought hundred of pieces of candy.  I really thought we were over-prepared.  I had even hid a bit of candy, you know the good stuff, so the kids and my husband didn’t get it all. Well, the best laid Halloween plans… See, the thing we didn’t plan for was the haunted house set up by the fire station the next block over.  It was a magnet for kids from everywhere, and we were inundated.  I’m talking thousands of children.  The haunted house, and accompanying Halloween party, was the go-to place all across the county.  Of course, this lead to my house being the center of all Halloween in the county as […]

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Halloween in Jersey City vs Halloween in London

jersey city halloween

Jersey City is getting ready for Halloween in a big way. It’ll be my first Halloween in Jersey City, and actually, my first Halloween in the US for several year.  I spent the last several Halloween’s in London.  So, I am not sure what to expect.  Will it be crazy busy with kids?  Will we have no trick or treaters because we are in an apartment complex? To be honest, I’m already surprised to see so many decorations everywhere. Halloween in London For the last two years, I was living in London during Halloween.  Halloween in London was strange for me.  There were certainly some decorations, and you saw a couple of jack-o-lanterns, but really it was not a big deal.  I didn’t see one kid dressed in costume. My husband said as a kid he never trick or treated, nor did people decorate.   In my experience, a few houses put a pumpkin out.  I think there was some sort of custom that if there was a pumpkin in the window, kids could trick or treat there.  Although, I never saw that happen in practice.  I didn’t see a single trick or treater. There wasn’t even much Halloween candy […]

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