October roundup and 3 month blogoversary


Happy October! I hope you have all had an amazing month so far.  Are you all set for Halloween? Have you started fall baking? I’ve already over indulged in soup making, and really, it hasn’t been cold enough it, but I couldn’t help myself. So, here are my October haps… Personal Milestones I got a couple of pumpkins, like everyone else.  However, I had to throw one out because it rotted melted in the unseasonable heat. I FINALLY bought curtains for my guest bedroom. You have no idea how large of an issue finding curtains has been. They haven’t arrived yet, so I am still mildly pessimistic about the whole thing. I made sea salt caramels (from Sally’s Baking Addiction) the flavor was good, but the consistency was off. So, not exactly a success. Blog Milestones I’m starting to get comments on the blog in a consistent manner. I’m so appreciative! I’ve fessed up to some insecurities I’ve had about blogging (3 ways my reading habits changed & 4 must have things to be a book blogger) I had quite a few blog mishaps.  First, I missed some of my ‘deadlines.’  I’ve also written a post on a bus on-the-fly.  As well, I […]

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