Vacation books are the best books

Kate underwater in Bermuda

I’m going to make a bold statement.  You may not want to agree, but deep down you know I’m right.  Vacation books are the best books.  Hands down.  No contest. Think about it for a minute.  You can read anything you want without judgement on vacation.   You should take it easy and keeping things light.  Give yourself a break from ‘important’ things. Now, I don’t see why you should wait for vacation to start vacation reading. For me, one of the best parts about vacation is the planning phase.   When I was in grad school, we read a study about how anticipating a vacation gives you as much (if not more) pleasure than actually taking a vacation.  Stephanie Rosenbloom writes a great recap of the study for the NY Times.  I love looking at pictures, reading travel blogs, watching movies, and reading books about my destination. I am sure you guessed by now, I am getting ready for vacation!!! I’m heading to Bermuda for a few days and although there is rain in the forecast there is sun in my heart. Sometimes it’s really easy to find books set in your vacation local.  For example, a few summers ago, my husband and I […]

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